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Mercer University Presidents

Rufus Washington Weaver (1918-1927)

  • Doubled the asseweaverts of the University and increased the annual income and student attendance
  • Added four professional schools—theology, commerce, education, and journalism
  • Buildings constructed under his presidency include:
    • a dining hall with seating for 600 students (now Penfield Hall)
    • a home for the president (now The President's House)
    • an apartment house for faculty (where the music school sits today)
    • housing for forty married ministerial students with their families
    • a new dormitory for sixty-five students, Gambrell Hall
  • Proposed "The Mercer University Ideal: Large Enough to Meet Every Standard, Small Enough to Meet Every Student"
  • Also was Chancellor of Mercer University system of colleges and secondary schools from 1920-1925
  • Quick bio: (1870-1947); A.B., M.A., Th.M., Th.D., D.D., LL.D.; spouse: Charlotte Lewis Mason Payne (1911)


The first women graduates matriculated during Weaver's presidency:

Mrs. W. E. Jackson, first woman to receive a degree (law) from Mercer University and president of the 1919 Senior Law Class. 
Mrs. L. G. Whitehorn was the first woman to receive the M. A. degree from Mercer University in 1922. 
Caroline Patterson was the first woman to receive the A.B. degree from the University in 1923.

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