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Mercer University Presidents

Henry Holcombe Tucker (1866-1871)

  • Henry Holcombe TuckerPromoted a university library of 5,000 volumes, literary society libraries of 4,000 volumes, and a collection of minerals containing several thousand valuable specimens
  • Published the first university catalog in eight years in April 1869
  • Accepted a six-acre parcel of land, on behalf of the university, near Tattnall Square in Macon. The land was bought by the city of Macon for this purpose in 1870 for $9,750
  • Moved the University from Penfield to Macon
  • Arranged for faculty to conduct an interim, semi-private school in downtown Macon in the spring of 1871
  • Quick bio: (1819-1889); B.A., A.M., D.D., LL.D.; spouses: Mary Catherine West (1848) and Sarah O. Stevens (1853)


Catalog, "Disabled Soldiers," April 1869:

"Any soldier of the late Confederate army, who is disabled from manual labor by reason of wounds, and who is unable to pay the expenses of education, is welcome to Mercer University as a student, and shall receive tuition gratis. This offer has been steadily made for the last six years, and is still continued. Many have availed themselves of the aid thus proffered, and it is hoped that many others will do the same."

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