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Mercer University Presidents

James Bruton Gambrell (1893-1896)

  • While president of Mercer, almost nominated as governor of Georgia because of his fight against liquor.  He had not yet lived in Georgia for the required six years.
  • Began a department of pedagogy for training teachers
  • Initiated an informal "preachers' school"
  • Offered class "electives" for the first time in the catalog of 1895
  • Openly supported the policy of co-education at the University, noting that seventy-five percent of teachers in the state were women
  • Quick bio: (1841-1921); D.D., LL.D.; editor, clergyman; spouse: Mary T. Corbell (1864)


Gambrell's "Words with Friends," requesting donations for Mercer (c1893-1896):

"As to the endowment, realizing the magnitude of the undertaking, nevertheless, it seems clear to me, that, by anything like the right effort, with co-operation, we can raise it. The Methodists have raised a like amount and we can do anything in Georgia the Methodists can do."

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