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Mercer University Presidents

George Boyce Connell (1953-1959)

  • Served as vice-president under Sundefinedpright Dowell from 1946-1953
  • Built during his presidency:
    • a student center (now Connell Student Center) 
    • the humanities building (now Knight Hall)
    • an annex to Porter dormitory (Boone & Dowell Halls) 
    • and six faculty homes (located where the School of Music now sits)
  • Added $1.5M to the endowment 
  • Feared that Mercer "would be consigned to mediocrity" unless Baptists met the challenge and decided "to attempt the job of quality education"
  • Quick bio: (1905-1959); A.B., A.M., LL.D.; spouse: Doris Collier (1929)


Connell once said:

"I don't know exactly what it is in Mercer that makes everyone who comes here love it, but I know it is so. They love this institution, and they can be called upon to promote the institution's welfare."


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