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Mercer University Presidents

Andrew Phillip Montague (acting 1927-1928)

  • Almontagueso became vice-president of Mercer in 1924, an office especially created for him
  • His wife, "Mother Montague," also worked for the University until her retirement in 1956
  • Quick bio: (1854-1928); A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; spouses: May Christian (1881) and Florence Wood (1907)



Montague was known to possess:

"indomitable energy and enthusiasm and strong personal magnetism and his distinctive qualities of courtesy, patience, gentleness and loyalty, his cultivated mind, chivalrous nature, and high ideals left their mark upon all who came under his influence."

Student O. Norman Shands described "Mother Montague":

"There were no strict rules for residents of Sherwood Hall. The widow of the late Dr. Montague, a member of the faculty, had an apartment in the dormitory and was affectionately known as "Mother Montague." She didn't attempt to exercise any control, but her presence and the respect students had for her exercised a gentle restraint against excesses of behavior."

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