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About the Music Collection

Our physical music collection is mainly located at the Macon campus in the Jack Tarver Library on the second and third floor. The collection consists of scores, books, and audio recordings.  On the second floor of the library is a a media room with access to a television (TV), video home system (VHS), compact disc (CD), digital versatile disc (DVD), a computer and a cassette and record player. To use the room, go to the circulation desk and check out the key and, if you need to, headphones.

Our online collection contains books, audio recordings. performances, and scholarly materials. Look at the different sections of this guide for descriptive information.

Our Special Collections (Baptist & University Archives), is located on the third floor of the Jack Tarver Library. It is home to several archival music collections, such as, Jesse Mercer, the name sake of Mercer University, the Kenneth P. Medema Collection, and Capricorn Studios. For more information about our collections please see the "Special Collections (Baptist & University Archives)" section of this guide. 


If you have any questions or need a little guidance please contact Gail Morton, subject specialist for Music --


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