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INT 101: Senasi

Your Assignment

In this assignment, you will move from academic to public writing, addressing yourself to a broad public audience in order to advocate for a particular course of action on an issue of public concern.
Begin by choosing one of the topics covered in this unit of our course:

  • The public health crisis in Flint, Michigan
  • Climate change and the advocacy of Greta Thunberg
  • Human rights as illustrated in the life and work of Liu Xiaobo
  • Education access as illustrated in the life and work of Malala Youfaszai

To compose your open letter, you will need to conduct research from appropriate academic and public sources on your topic. We’ll discuss how to acknowledge those sources in an open letter as part of the pre-writing and drafting processes.
The purpose of your letter is to communicate with a public audience about some aspect of your topic to advocate for a particular course of action.

Here's an example open letter:

Public Policy Resources



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