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HIS/WGS 377: Gustafson

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Your Assignment

Project IV:  Women in the Media  (15% of Final Grade)

All Group Presentations: Thursday, April 23

Write a 5 to 8 page paper that addresses the following questions.  (One paper per student).  Although your papers will be written individually, you need to coordinate your work to make one group presentation to the class. Each group should make a 15 to 20 minute presentation to the class based on its research. There will be two or three students in each group.


The media (magazines, newspapers, movies, etc.) often influence the way we think about ourselves, particularly in regard to gender roles and relationships.  During the decade you have been assigned, what cultural messages did women receive regarding appropriate roles and behaviors?  What was the historical context of such messages?

Group I:   1920s

Group II:  1930s

Group III: 1940s

Group IV: 1950s

Group V:  1960s

  • Your paper will be 75% of the final project grade; the presentation will count 25%. A rubric will be distributed separately.
  • Use at least three outside resources that are not assigned in class. (Remember that this is a minimum) 
  • Be creative!  Take a look at old magazines or old movies.  Talk to a woman who lived through this era if possible. Peruse the internet.  Take advantage of the library resources, especially the reference staff.  And don’t forget to use course materials when appropriate.  Cite all sources and include a bibliography. 
  • Each student will be asked to provide a self-evaluation of his/her contributions to the group project, as well as evaluate the work of others in the group.  This input will be confidential.  Grades will be assigned individually based upon the quality of the student’s research, paper, and presentation.


Books on Women and Media in the Library Collections

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