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HIS 201: Dowling

Assignment 1


Research ONE primary source from one of the societies we have studied (e.g. an early Mesopotamian society, Egypt, the "Coastal" Peoples, and the Hebrews/Israelites) before 500 BCE and using the databases available on the library website (link on Canvas).  You should then analyze it using the Primary Source Exercise Sheet introduced in class and available for download on Canvas. After you have completed the sheet, compose a short, 250-350-word analysis that addresses what the source is, what the authors motives/agenda may have been, and what it tells us about the society in which it was created.  

Helpful Resources:

The primary sources for this assignment must come from the periods from weeks 1-3: Ancient Civilizations, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, or the Israelites. This means you need to find primary sources written before 500 BCE.

Some great places to find primary sources for this period are listed below:

Assignment 3


After Fall Break, you will receive a revised description of an object to work with. Using only the description and photos provided in the description, your task is to analyze the object in historical context. What was the object for? What does the object mean? What does it tell us about the society that create it? Why is it important? How does it help you understand the culture we’ve been learning about better? You may use any texts or lectures from class but you are also required to research and find at least one credible academic source (book or article) to help you analyze your object. You should use the databases compiled by Ms. Bailey to locate your academic source. You will be required to run your source by me for verification.

Helpful Resources:

Finding secondary sources...

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