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Faculty Resources for Transitioning Online

Guidance from the Center for Teaching and Learning

From Susan Codone: "As you begin thinking about offering your course materials online/remotely, please consider using a simple, asynchronous design and plan & post content one week at a time to pace yourself. We can help with the details. Please use synchronous sessions judiciously.

If you are tempted to record your in-class lecture using a laptop with Zoom open to post online later or for live-streaming, please don’t. Instead, record an alternate (shorter) lecture in your office or at home and post it later. In-classroom recordings or live-streaming class attempts via Zoom result in poor audio and video quality.

  • If you typically lecture, consider recording short lectures in Zoom & posting them in Canvas.
  • If you give wide-ranging demonstrations/problem-solving lectures with much whiteboard use, consider uploading your notes or recorded PPTs. There are free screengrab tools we can help you with.
  • If you typically hold class discussions, please consider using the Canvas discussion tool.
  • If you typically give paper-based quizzes or tests, please consider using the Canvas Quizzes tool.
  • If you give tests/exams which require test security, please participate in our of our sessions or contact myself or Jerome for assistance.
  • If you teach a lab or studio course, ask within your college/school about alternate plans.
  • If your classes rely on student group work, use the Canvas Collaborations and Discussions features. We can give you tips.
  • If you don’t have much content in Canvas, ask a peer colleague for help or participate in one of our sessions. We can help you get through the first week and beyond.
  • If your Canvas course is mostly a repository for content and you’d like help with design & organization, participate in our sessions for help."

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