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REL 130: Lewis


This guide will help you locate appropriate scholarly commentary sources for the assignment "Interpreting the Text." You will be using three different types of scholarly resources: TranslationsScholarly Commentaries, and Class Resources.

This guide is primarily focused with helping you use translations and scholarly commentaries. These resources can answer questions about why different translations look so differently, what things were like when the book was written, who the audience was (as implied by the text), what social or institutional setting might have been in place, and general background information on the book as well as specific verses. There are many different translations and commentaries that you could eventually find and use to provide this information. However, for this assignment, we are directing you to the following specific resources. NOTE: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the closing of the Mercer University Library, all of these resources are available online.


Bible Translations

The Parallel Bible lets you look at two translations side-by-side. You just need to select the relevant translations from the menu and then search for by chapter and/or verse.

 Below are the required bible translations on various websites:

The King James Version
The Good News Translation


Biblical Commentaries

The Biblical Commentaries below are all listed by their bible book and not by your specific assigned verses. The eBooks (Anchor Bible Commentary, Interpretation: A Bible Commentary, Old Testament Library) from the library catalog are full commentaries about your entire bible book. The scanned portions of the New Interpreter's Bible (NIB) and the Mercer Commentary on the Bible (MCB) contain the relevant sections for all the assigned verses in each individual bible book.

Additionally, the page numbers for these commentaries are all visible in the scanned documents. DO NOT use the page number of the PDF in your citations. Use the page number of the original commentary.






Song of Songs



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