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AFR/HIS 363: Harper

Research Starters

Below are the project options for your class and a list of resources on where to start your research. This is by no means exhaustive and some resources will be helpful for most projects, like Macon Black and White by Andrew Manis (on reserve at Tarver Library). For more options, check some of the other resources in this guide and look for secondary sources on the Mercer University Library website.


1. Henry McNeal Turner, Theophilus Steward, and the political organizing of Macon's Reconstruction-era ministers:
2. Black Soldiers in the Civil War/ the African Brigade
3. Ellen and William Craft
4. Jefferson Franklin Long and violent assaults on black voters during Reconstruction
5. Georgia's campaign to disfranchise black voters, 1900-1908
6. Slaves in Bibb County Court deeds
7. Municipal Owned Slaves
8. Spanish-American troops (black Middle Georgia volunteers who did not see action in Cuba; Charles Young Camp)
9. The Booker T. Washington Community Center (part of a Roosevelt program)
10. American Missionary Association schools in Middle Georgia
11. Martin Luther King's visit to Tremont Temple, Steward AME Church, and New Mt. Zion
12. Macon's Chapter of NAACP and Civil Rights Era boycotts and marches
13. Jarrell Plantation: slaves, emancipation and Reconstruction, black land ownership, Great Migration
14. Great Migration from Middle Georgia
15. Lucy Laney and black women's organizing in 20th century

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