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GBK 101: Good

Your Assignment

Research-Assisted Reflection on a Current Event: Find, consult, and cite correctly three secondary sources in support of a thesis. Quote texts directly at least five times in at least three different ways (as discussed in class). Quote your secondary sources at least twice.

Relate our Thucydides readings or Plato’s Apology to a contemporary issue. Describe a current or recent episode involving diplomacy, international conflict, or public contention, and reflect on it in either Thucydidean or Platonic terms. What does the current/recent event share with the event(s) narrated by Thucydides or with Plato’s Apology? Might “ancient wisdom,” or at least the experience pondering Thucydides/Plato, enable a clearer consideration of your issue, and perhaps even point to a potential resolution?

Scholarly Secondary Databases

For Plato/Thucydides
For Current Events

Reliable News Databases


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